What Customers Expect

Service Level Agreement

We will tailor our services to fit into your time and budget by applying a methodology, which is both client friendly and highly adaptable to your ever changing business model.

Our services delivery team will coordinate a planning session to present our solutions and review your requirements. We will then develop a comprehensive program and service level agreement (SLA) that will allow us to efficiently and effectively address your needs within the shortest turnaround time.

PAYG (Pay As You Go)

Some companies begin engaging us on a PAYG basis and gradually move to a full blown SLA as their company grows and their requirements become more complex.


We can also develop a program where we select the known recurrent support activities for a reduced monthly fee and fee per visit for all other support services outside the known recurrent support activities.

SLA (Fixed Monthly Fees)

A Service Level Agreement ensures the highest level of support for organizations with mission critical infrastructure and systems which cannot afford any downtime.

Our support activities

Our support activities include the following but are not limited to;

Architecture, Design and Implementation


End User Computing

Strategy and Project Management

Network and Server Management

Data Recovery and Disaster Management

security management

systems and solutions performance tuning

Software Installation and Configuration

Our Team

Our “Team” comprises some of best professionals in the ICT industry which is in line with our philosophy to employ only well qualified resources and provide them additional training to ensure they excel at whatever projects they are assigned to. BluePine relies on a balance between sound academic records and on‐the‐job training in the selections of their resources.

Management positions are occupied by degree holders while the operational staff have professional certificates with specialization in various industry disciplines and training with the latest industry tools.

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